Hello, my name is Josh.

I started playing Runescape again in January 2012 after a long break, after realising most of my friends had long since quit I decided to create a clan. I'm the owner of Rise of Rune which is a tier 7 clan with great people and a friendly atmosphere. I've been Maxed since 02/03/14 <3

R.S username:  Zodiiac

Clan: Rise Of Rune (R.O.R)

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Hi. I’m on holiday (vacation) right now so I won’t be posting rs stuff until I’m back :)

Here’s a new hat that lolly ( geeky-blonde ) bought me! I love it OMG :D

Happy 4th Of July from Britain!

(It’s my awesome USA onesie)

I just wanna say a massive thanks to Drugwolf for creating such a wicked banner for my road to 120 slayer :) 

In other exciting news, 2 Celestial Handwraps in 2 days!! Amazing!

Also this is a pretty longass slayer day so i will just add a little read more thingy.

Tasks for Today:
1. Abyssal Demons - 224
2. Hellhounds - 169
3. Mithril Dragons - 33
4. Ascension Nembers - 124
 - Ascension Keystone Secundus
 - Ascension Keystone Quintus
 - Sirenic Scale
5. Jadinkos - 213
6. Steel Dragons - 42
7. Airut - 128
 - Tuska Mask Headpiece
 - Tuska Mask Top
 - Tuska Mask Upper Tusks
8. Dark Beasts - 168
9. Nihil - 68
10. Abyssal Demons - 235
 - Noted Yew Logs x988
11. Airut - 146
 - Tuska Mask Upper Tusks x3
 - Tuska Mask Headpiece
 - Tuska Mask Plate x2
12. Steel Dragons - 70
 - Dragon Plateskirt
13. Ganodermic Creatures - 76
14. Celestial Dragons - 136
 - Celestial Handwraps
15. Musaph - 135
16. Musaph - 148
17. Iron Dragons - 61

Cool! Finally a non-shit elite clue scroll!

Day 15 Slayerthon:
This one carried over from late 28th to 29th as i have been quite busy IRL. As my previous post shows i got hella lucky and received some Celestial Handwraps. Also made a killing on such a sweet Dagannoth task! (sorry for spamming the tag with my shit <3)

Tasks for Today:
1. Celestial Dragons - 126
2. Dagannoth - 188
 - Dragon Hatchet
 - Berzerker Ring x2
 - Noted Adamantite ore x170
3. Ice Strykewyrms - 108
 - Crystal Triskelion Fragment 1
4. Jungle Strykewyrms - 105
5. Gargoyles - 226
 - Granite Maul
 - Mystic Robe Top
6. Nihil - 77
7. Celestial Dragons - 127
 - Celestial Handwraps

WOOOOOO!!! HARD CLUE SCROLL! oh and some Celestial Handwraps.

Seriously though, i’ve managed to get 2 Handwraps and 3 Visage’s and only ONE damn Dragon Rider piece? Hopefully i can get those zeros changed to ones :D


Clan meeting today. Looks like there’s a lot more pvm in our future, yall already know I’m excited about that! Been talking gwd with Sov ever since the meeting - this summer is gonna be a lot of me learning to boss. Up next month - QBD, the GWD bosses, and maybe even nex/dpsing KK

It was a pretty damn good meeting haha.

Woo! After 9 back to back voyage failures i finally managed to finish Death Lotus Chestplate!! 

(Yes i know i suck at ports)

Had a reason to wear this jacket today so I took a picture. It wasn’t horrific so yeah. Hello.not gon smile.

geeky-blonde asked: I like going to your blog and putting your phat mouse on your head. :33

Aaaaahhhhhhhhh THIS IS MY FAVE THING EVER!! Thank you Lolly :P