Hello, my name is Josh.

I started playing Runescape again in January 2012 after a long break, after realising most of my friends had long since quit I decided to create a clan. I'm the owner of Rise of Rune which is a tier 7 clan with great people and a friendly atmosphere. I've been Maxed since 02/03/14 <3

R.S username:  Zodiiac

Clan: Rise Of Rune (R.O.R)

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It’s official! Mourneblood can now DPS/Tank/Voke at KK! Woohoo!! Gratz Joel!!

Gratz to Mourneblood for becoming a fully fledged KK tanker w00o0oo :D

KK training with the clannies! <3

Everything i’m not.


I also got promoted in my clan today :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Now I’m an Overseer of Rise of Rune and couldn’t be happier. Thanks to everyone. I really didn’t see this coming and I am happy that I found this clan so many months ago.

Not gonna lie, this dude has done so much for our clan. Everyone loves him, myself included. He’s one of my best friends too. You can’t help but like Joe, he’s pleasant, funny and he never even gets mad. (weird af)
10/10 would bang too. 

Thanks for joining RoR Joe. Here’s to many many more fun times<33

Kalphite King PvM

So i noticed a lot of people are jumping on this whole “i’ll take you to bosses etc for the title” 

Well here’s the thing ok. I’ve been teaching my friends and clanmates how to do KK anyway. for free. I always think that if you are going to help someone, do it for the right reasons. Help because you want to and not for personal gain. 

That being said, if anybody on the tag wishes to come along to Kalphite King for your comp requirement/final boss title or death task or whatever then hit me up in game and i’ll let you in on a team i host or see if i can set you up with one. 

This offer won’t end either. I’m always available online. But please remember that i won’t always go 24/7 which is why i mentioned i could find a team. 

I’ll be more active once the whole DDOS bullshit is over too. 

Hit me up with a message on tumblr/reblog this/comment on this/pm me on runescape or whatever if you want.

Hope this helps someone.

New Runescape Blog Background!

I just changed my blog background to something Runescape related. It looks so awesome now!!



Transparent ROR banner for all of you wackos. ;)


f you need help coding this for your sidebar/theme, let me know.


totes badass!! 10/10 would reblog

Ok so i’ve been doing Bandos a lot lately because i have had every other drop apart from one. That damn Bandos Hilt will be mine soon!!

I’ve tracked every PvM drop i’ve had for over a year now since i got Soul Split. 


This is a shining example of good people on Runescape. I went to TDS and i’ll be honest we were both just free for alling these guys. I was talking to him as we were fighting them and he seemed alright. He tagged a few and so did i. When he got the limb drop i thought “damn, could’ve been mine. oh well” and thought nothing of it.

He offered to split the money even when he didn’t have to. This is a nice guy. +1 karma for him! 

These are the kind of people that make this game great.