Hello, my name is Josh.

I started playing Runescape again in January 2012 after a long break, after realising most of my friends had long since quit I decided to create a clan. I'm the owner of Rise of Rune which is a tier 7 clan with great people and a friendly atmosphere. I've been Maxed since 02/03/14 <3

R.S username:  Zodiiac

Clan: Rise Of Rune (R.O.R)

Well guys after all this time of saying “i ain’t never getting max cape fuk dat” i guess i became a huge ass hypocrite. I’m so excited about getting this shit after all this time since i rarely stick to anything for more than a week before getting hella bored.

I’d like to say a MASSIVE shoutout to Kchimerical for making me this amazingly pretty picture<3333 Srsly thanks so much!!

I’d love to see everyone there at my Max party as i honestly wouldn’t ever get this achievement without all of your blogs having badass progress to spur me on and get to this stage. Thanks everyone.

I’d greatly appreciate it if you could get the word out and reblog this so as many people show as possible<3 :)

I will be getting the cape with 5 different 99s at Varrock museum using the statue of Dhamaroc. 

Hope to see you all there!!

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    Hey guys, wanted to let you all know there’s been a slight change in plan. I will be getting Max Cape in 1 hour now. W73...
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    Big shout-out to my friend, and clan leader, Zodiiac! :) Be sure to clear your schedule to attend if you are able to!
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    My bbyz all grown up
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