Hello, my name is Josh.

I started playing Runescape again in January 2012 after a long break, after realising most of my friends had long since quit I decided to create a clan. I'm the owner of Rise of Rune which is a tier 7 clan with great people and a friendly atmosphere. I've been Maxed since 02/03/14 <3

R.S username:  Zodiiac

Clan: Rise Of Rune (R.O.R)

Firstly i’d like to say thank you so much to the Runescape tag. Without everyone showing how badass they are and their progress towards Max, Completionist and even Trimmed Completionist i probably wouldn’t have stuck to Maxing for so long. I owe you all so much. 

Secondly i’d like to say how shocked (in a good way!) i was when so many of you turned up! I’d list each of your names individually but it would take too long and i’m quite lazy. 
It wouldn’t have been as exciting without everyone there to congratulate me at the final step! 

I’m not quite sure what will happen next for me on this game. Comping maybe? idk. Quests and me don’t go but we will see.

Thank you again everyone <3

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